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How It Works

Shiplifier simplifies shipping by providing a unified dashboard that combines essential functions such as finding the best rates and tracking orders. Users can access multiple shipping options, compare rates, and easily identify the most cost-effective solution. The platform offers real-time updates and notifications for seamless order tracking. With its user-friendly interface, Shiplifier allows individuals and businesses to streamline their shipping operations in just five simple steps.
How It Works

Create your account

Here is where it all starts! We promise it will take less than 2-minutes to gather all the necessary data for your shipping journey. So, ready, set, start the clock!

How It Works

Integrate your business

Connect your E-commerce website and view all your orders under one dashboard.

How It Works

Multiple Integrations

Integrate all your E-commerce accounts or process your shipments under one unique dashboard.

How It Works

Schedule your pick-up

Whether your inventory is stored at your house, or several warehouses, you can schedule a pick-up through our platform. Just tell us where you are and we'll be there!

How It Works

Sit back and relax

Just sit back and relax, your business is about to get Shiplified!