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Paymennt: Your Seamless Payment Gateway Solution

No need to worry about finances anymore. If you have an online store but need a company to handle the financial transactions side, Paymennt has you covered. Gone are the days of hefty monthly fees and complicated account setups. Paymennt is a trusted authorized entity dedicated to processing payments online.

Streamline Orders with Seamless Paymennt Solutions

Using Paymennt through Shiplifier, you can:

Diverse Payment Options

Enjoy a multitude of payment channels, catering to in-person, online, and subscription-based transactions.


Efficient Subscription Management

Effortlessly manage recurring payments for subscription-based businesses, ensuring smooth operations.

Quick Digital Onboarding

Enjoy rapid activation and device shipment within 24 hours for SMEs, requiring only essential documents such as trade license, bank account details, and shareholder IDs.