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It took one decision to become achievers. Shiplifier is a driving force behind e-commerce transformation in the MENA region.
Explore our story through a selection of press releases and news articles, capturing pivotal moments and milestones. Join us as we redefine the digital marketplace with innovation and progress, shaping the future of online businesses.
Startup edge/: How Shiplifier aims to transform shipping for 500 e-commerce players

The startup shipping aggregator that allows e-commerce players to optimise their order processing, Shiplifier helps them explore a wider pool of shipping couriers.


Crucial to use cybersecurity protocols for cargo transactions

In the air cargo industry, cybersecurity protects critical data and operations. It includes robust network security, cargo tracking systems, access controls.....


Shiplifier Launches 45-Minute Deliveries Within Dubai

Shiplifier, a homegrown platform providing seamless shipping solutions under one dashboard, has introduced its latest feature, ShiplifierX...


Revolutionizing E-Commerce Logistics: The Imperative For A Unified Solution

As businesses confront the imperative to adapt and align with the evolving needs and expectations of consumers, staying competitive hinges on their ability to navigate the demands of this rapidly-transforming landscape...