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Three Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Greener

Why do we need Green E-Commerce? The rapid increase in e-commerce businesses has negatively impacted the environment. Cardboard packaging, freight movement and gas emission are three of the biggest ways e-commerce businesses have contributed to climate change. 

With a shift in mentality and the strong urge to help the planet, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable options and businesses, even in the e-commerce industry. Green e-commerce, or sustainable e-commerce, refers to the concept of brands running their business and selling their products while taking into consideration the environmental impacts of their business. This blog highlights 3 significant ways to help you make your e-commerce business more sustainable. 

1. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging.

As you know, non-recyclable packaging is highly detrimental to the environment. Shipping companies have therefore created eco-friendly packaging to be more compliant with environmental efforts. Eco-friendly packaging is made of recycled material and is usually recyclable or compostable. This significantly reduces waste and increases environment protection in shipping. 

2. Offer Carbon Offsets for Shipping.

Shipping generates a lot of carbon emission; specific programs across the globe are working towards carbon reduction in the atmosphere. By offsetting each order’s carbon footprint, you can greatly decrease your business’ environmental impact. 

Online tools are available to calculate the exact carbon footprint of individual orders and offset it through donations. 

3. Distribute Your Inventory. 

Many customers usually look for expedited shipping at an affordable price. However, even though ground shipping is more environment-friendly than air shipping, it is impossible to have one or two-day ground-shipping delivery for long distances. Splitting and distributing your inventory across multiple fulfillment centers is a good way to tackle this issue. Your orders will then be sent out from the nearest fulfillment center to the order’s destination. 

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