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What’s an E-Commerce Shipping Solution Software? Here are 4 Reasons You Need Shiplifier!

Not that long ago, e-commerce businesses joined the shopping scene and made quite an entrance. Suddenly, you could sell anything online, from any category, whether it be from your own brand or reselling other brands’ products.

But one e-commerce platform was not enough to handle all your online businesses. So the competition started, not only between different sales channels such as Amazon, Shopify and Magento, but also between logistics companies, shipping providers and anything you’d typically need to run a successful e-commerce business. 

Running several accounts on different platforms, receiving multiple orders, and dealing with various courier companies in the UAE or internationally, can be pretty hectic. Instead of investing your energy on growing your business, you end up having to deal with every minute detail. 

For any e-commerce business owner, the question is – how do you keep track?

The answer is Shiplifier. Shiplifier is an e-commerce SaaS provider that allows you to integrate and manage an unlimited number of accounts from different e-commerce platforms from a single dashboard. 

Here are the 4 Top Benefits of Signing up to Shiplifier! 

1. Multiple Platforms Integration

As an E-commerce business owner, you probably sell your products on multiple platforms. Unfortunately, that means you must keep track of your orders on each platform separately. Besides being time-consuming, it also increases the chances of human error, which can eventually have a massive impact on your e-commerce business growth. 

Shiplifier allows you to connect all your accounts and automate your order process from one platform. This will significantly save you time and minimize potential errors, allowing you to grow your business exponentially. 

2. Access to Multiple Couriers

As a business owner, you know that finding the best shipping providers can be a big challenge. Conducting extensive market research and finding the most suitable option for you can take a lot of time and resources. 

At Shiplifier, we did it for you. We’ve integrated the best shipping providers for UAE and international shipping, and we’ve given you access to discount shipping rates with select courier companies. 

3. Scheduled Pick-Up on Your Clock

Dealing with multiple couriers on your own can be hectic. Miscommunication, wrong addresses and delivery delays are almost inevitable and will most likely jeopardize customer satisfaction.

Shiplifier allows you to automate your pick-up schedule, not only by date and time but also by GPS coordinates. That way, no matter how many pick-up locations you have, you can rest assured that no courier will get lost.

4. Analytics Performace Reports

If you don’t measure the success of your business, you can hardly grow it. One of the best features of Shiplifier is our analytics performance reports. Track the performance of your shipping processes by day, month, year or even selected couriers. Analyzing key shipping factors will help you stay on track and grow your e-commerce business exponentially. 

Start your journey with Shiplifier for FREE today!